7th International Music Festival AS Bled

15. - 17. OCTOBER 2021

The International Music Festival AS is an event that is open to all saxophone fans and has become the central event of its kind in Slovenia, and is also gaining more and more international acclaim. It is intended for young musicians who want to deepen their knowledge of playing and performing the instrument, and of course for a wider, concert audience. During the three days of the festival, we offer top classical and jazz concerts, workshops, masterclasses, educational content for pedagogies, and a music fair with renowned producers.

The festival will take place mostly in the Festival Hall in Bled. As part of the festival, there will be 5 concerts, which will also be streamed live on the Internet. The artistic director of the festival is professor Lev Pupis.

7th Festival AS is being prepared at a time when the situation is unpredictable due to the covid-19 epidemic. The festival will be organized following all planned measures to curb the spread of infections.

The Festival AS is named after the Belgian inventor of musical instruments Adolph Sax, whose most famous invention is the saxophone. The festival was first held in 2014 to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of this great man. In its six years of existence, the festival has hosted renowned saxophonists from Europe, Australia, the USA, Costa Rica, and Japan.

In 2021, the Festival AS will be performed with top Slovenian guests from the field of classical and jazz saxophone. We will host 14 established musicians and educators who will pass on their knowledge to the younger generation and participate in the concerts of the 7th Festival AS. As in the last few years, we will continue to take care of the balance and intertwining of classical and jazz, as the saxophone is a musical instrument that is included in both musical styles.

Programme of the festival

FRIDAY, October 15th 2021
20.00 / Festival Hall Bled
ROYA Quartet
Petra Horvat, Joanna Blejwas, Betka Bizjak Kotnik, Jovana Joka

SUNDAY, October 17th 2021
17.00 / Festival Hall Bled
- SOS intro and Valeria Kučan
- ZZOS and Jure Pukl
- Orkester SOS junior and Lev Pupis

Guest artists

Betka Bizjak Kotnik BIO Betka Bizjak Kotnik.pdf
Jovana Joka BIO Jovana Joka.pdf
Petra Horvat BIO Petra Horvat.pdf
Joanna Blejwas BIO Joanna Blejwas.pdf
Danijel Lauko BIO Danijel Lauko.pdf
Tomaž Nedoh BIO Tomaž Nedoh.pdf
Jure Pukl jure-pukl.com
foto by Aljosa Videtič
Primož Fleischman BIO Primož Fleischman.pdf
foto by Jože Požrl
ROYA Quartet BIO ROYA Quartet.pdf
foto by Samo Rovan
SaGaDuDaB SaGaDuDaB.com


Seminars will be open to amateur musicians, elementary and secondary music school pupils, undergraduate and master student, as well as graduate saxophonists.


Participation fee: 40 EUR per person (30 min)
- Betka Bizjak Kotnik
- Joanna Blejwas
- Petra Horvat
- Jovana Joka
- Danijel Lauko
- Tomaž Nedoh
- Jure Pukl, jazz
- Primož Fleischman, jazz

Participation fee: 80 EUR per group (60 min)
- Betka Bizjak Kotnik
- Jovana Joka

Participation fee: 20 EUR per person (90 min)
- From classical music to jazz
- Jure Pukl and Primož Fleischman

Members of Cultural Society Sekvoja have 15% of discount.

Due to the limited number of participants, the applicants will be handled on a first-come first-serve basis.
In the event that we receive more applications for an individual lessons than we have places, we reserve the right not to assign you to all selected.

The organizer does not take responsibility for minor participants.


Applications for the seminars are expected to be open from October 1st 2021 until October 11th 2021.
Attendance at the seminar will, in accordance with the applicable measures to curb the epidemic, require compliance with the PCT (recovered, vaccinated, tested) for everybody over 15 years of age.
For all those who will need testing, we will make this possible as part of the AS festival, but please let us know at as.festival.bled@gmail.com.

Applications are closed.


We advise our participants and attendees to choose our partner Hotel Park as their temporary residence for their stay in Bled. The prices in this hotel are designed so that they are very affordable for the participants of the AS festival and their companions, and you can also invite all your friends and neighbors who would like to stay in Bled from 15th to 17th October 2021. All you have to do is fill out the booking form and send it to as.festival.bled@gmail.com.
In addition to half board, the hotel will also offer lunches to the participants at an affordable price, which we warmly recommend, as it saves time in looking after restaurants and waiting for service.

As for all other activities and services, it is mandatory to meet the PCT condition (recovered, vaccinated, tested), which will be checked upon check-in at the reception of the Park Hotel. For all those who will need testing, we will make this possible as part of the AS festival, but please let us know at as.festival.bled@gmail.com.

Festival AS Beld - reservation form for accomodation in hotelu Park 2021

Send us the completed form as soon as possible or no later than October 8th 2021.

Sponsors and Partners


For all information regarding 7th International Music Festival AS Bled please write at: as.festival.bled@gmail.com